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Advances in Noncanonical Nucleic Acids


The symposium Advances in Noncanonical Nucleic Acids will be held at two locations: National Institute of Chemistry for the first day (for details see Program), and the Jable Castle on the second day.
Please find some tips for accommodation on the flowing links:

Hotel Union
Hotel Pri Mraku

More hotels are available HERE


Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital and largest city. It's known for its university population and green spaces, including expansive Tivoli Park. The curving Ljubljanica River, lined in outdoor cafes, divides the city's old town from its commercial hub. Ljubljana has many museums, including the National Museum of Slovenia, displaying historic exhibitions, and the Museum of Modern Art, home to 20th-century Slovene paintings and sculptures.

Jable Castle

The original castle at Jable was first mentioned in 1268, while the current structure was built by the noble house of Lamberg around 1530. The castle subsequently passed through the hands of the Rasp family, the barons Mosconi, and was from 1780 until the end of World War II owned by the barons Lichtenberg.
The castle went under heavy renovation between 1999 and 2006. It is mostly famous for the frescoes inside painted by Franc Jelovšek, including a particularly bizarre camel-riding Chinese tambourine player. We’ll leave you to make up your own mind about that one ;)