Slovenian NMR Centre @ National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Symposium Program
    Morning session
9.00-9.10   Opening
Janez Plavec
Peter Venturini, director of National Institute of Chemistry
Chair: Igor Zhukov
9.10-9.40   Robert Konrat, University of Vienna:
   The Meta-Structure Concept and NMR Spectroscopy as Information-Driven
   Tools for Chemical Biology Research
9.45-10.15   Jan Schraml, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals ASCR, Prague:
   LC-29Si-NMR of Organosilicon Polymers
10.15-10.45   Coffee break
10.45-11.15   Wiktor Kozminski, University of Warsaw:
   Fast and Accurate Multidimensional NMR by Random Sampling
   and Multidimensional Fourier Transform
11.20-11.50   Tibor Liptaj, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava:
   Determination of 3D Structure of Small Rigid Molecules in Solution
   from Residual Dipolar Coupling Constants
11.55-12.25   Csaba Szantay, Gedeon Richter, Budapest:
   Self-Induced Recognition of Enantiomers (SIRE) in NMR Spectroscopy
12.30-14.00   Buffet lunch break
    Afternoon session
Chair: Predrag Novak
14.00-14.30   Primoz Sket, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana:
   DNA G-quadruplexes: Solution Structures and Cation Interactions
14.35-15.05   Bostjan Japelj, Lek Pharmaceuticals, Ljubljana:
   Structural Properties of Antimicrobial Peptides Acting on
   Bacterial Membranes
15.10-15.40   Gregor Mali, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana:
   Solid-state NMR Investigation of Structural and Catalytic Properties of
   Zeolitic Materials
15.40-16.20   Coffee break and poster session
16.20-16.30   Michal Kalinak, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava:
   NMR analysis of fungal metabolism: preliminary results
16.35-16.45   Ladislav Baciak, Institute of Measurement Science SAS, Bratislava:
   Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in ischemic stroke:
   Animal model
16.50   Closing
18.00   Symposium dinner

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