Aleš Novotný

Aleš Novotný

Ph.D. student



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Aleš Novotný was born April 28, 1995, in Bratislava, Slovakia. For the majority of his life he lived in Brno, Czech Republic. He received his bachelor degree in Biophysical chemistry at Masaryk university in Brno in 2017. He received the master degree in Structural chemistry at same university in 2019. During his bachelor and master studies he was working on structural characterization of d(GA) repeats stabilized by i-motif using mainly NMR and methods of computational chemistry. He started his PhD in 2019 as “Young Researcher” at the Slovenian NMR Centre, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana under supervision of Prof. Dr. Janez Plavec. Currently he is working on tetrahelical DNA structures called AGCGA quadruplexes.

Research interest
• Studies of structure and dynamics of both G-rich and C-rich non-canonical nucleic acids by NMR, UV, CD and methods of computational chemistry (MM, QM).